About Roadside Jesus

Roadside Jesus is a collaborative photo project curated by Michael Howard. This project deals with signs across America that speak of the Bible, God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, and other American Christian themes. Not only are the messages on the signs intriguing, but their construction and the intention behind them provokes questions. Roadsides Jesus started as an online project on Instagram but has now developed into a traveling exhibition attracting people from all perspectives and beliefs. 

About Michael Howard

Michael has been photographing since 1998. In 2002, he received his BFA in Photography from Missouri State University and in early 2004 he moved to Nashville, TN.

His work has been published by People.com, E! Online, FLAUNT Magazine, iMute Magazine, Institute Magazine, Fashionserved.com, Trendhunter.com, Nashville Scene and Nashville Arts Magazine. In 2012, he founded MUSEA which offers online proofing and fine art printing to professional photographers. Michael also hosts the MUSEA Podcast where he interviews photographers about their work and life. You can learn about MUSEA at mymusea.com and you see see Michael's personal work at michaelhphoto.com